Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Need to Find a Larger 3D Scanner

Uploaded model to Tinkercad
A while ago, I was at an expo for a half marathon when one vendor was offering free health scans. It was a system called fit3d. While the system really is used to determine body fat, muscle mass, and other health-related measurements that's not why I'm writing about it. The system also created a 3D image of your body. 

When I was looking at some fitness programs to consider right now, one gym was offering a free scan when you joined. They had mentioned that after the free scan, you could purchase a package of additional scans to get an accurate comparison of your progress. This reminded me of the scan I already did so I went to the website. After resetting my unknown password via email, I was able to access the history with my previous scan. Then I saw that not only was there a 3D avatar of my body to see on the page, but it could also be exported as an OBJ file. Well of course you obviously know what I did. I printed my bust. How cool is this? 
Printed bust

I know I've seen some small 3D scanners so now I'm wondering how we can replicate this for students. I don't think schools are going to purchase this fitness scanner, but maybe there is a less expensive scanner. Or some method of manually scanning a person's head or something. Perhaps the opposite of a panoramic image.

This is definitely something I am going to look into more. Perhaps I'll find the solution next week at FETC. 

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