Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Growing My Influencer Status

While I don't consider myself an influencer, I also know that any educator on social media is an influencer. I'm hoping that I am doing this in a positive way and being helpful to other educators.

For a while now, I have posted about products I love, made video tutorials, and more to help others. This is why I'm very excited that for the first time in my educational social media experiences, I was contacted by a representative from a hardware company, Wacom. They saw my presentation listed on the FETC agenda and felt their product could help educators.

It arrived last week and I created an unboxing video so far. Since then, I have been testing the tablet in a variety of software to make an opinion before creating my next video and review.

In total, I plan to do a three piece series of YouTube videos:

  1. Unboxing - Showing how it arrives and setting it up.
  2. First impressions. Is it easy to start using? Is there a learning curve? 
  3. Follow-up. After using it for a while, what are my final thoughts?
I hope that this product is as helpful as they said in their email because I haven't used it before but after searching current YouTube video tutorials, it does look like something that can really help teachers.