Saturday, July 22, 2017

Transitioning From the Classroom to Tech Coach

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Looking back at the past few years, my life's path has continued to change and grow. It seems that I add a blog post here specifically when something major happens. I started this blog after attending an Ed Tech conference. My next post was about being a Google for Education Certified Trainer. Fast forward and I've become a Google for Education Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Apple Teacher, presented at ISTE, accepted a new job, finished my masters in Instructional Technology, and now the purpose of today's post... I am once again transitioning to a new position.

It's been many years in the making, but this year will be my first out of the classroom. I have accepted a technology specialist position with a new school where I will begin in a few weeks. I am very excited because in the few discussions I've had with the administration of the school, they are open to the ideas of teachers that help students.

My new role will be to help bring technology into the classrooms instead of bringing the classroom into technology. Confused? I was too at first but I am ready to rise to the challenge and have already been speaking with the administration. The school has decided that in its design, they will not have a "computer" class. Instead, they want each classroom to teach the skills students will need for the future. Learning to write and research? Add lessons on formatting documents and using Microsoft Word's built in research tools. Science Fair? Use OneNote to keep organized and Excel for data collection.

Additionally, I will be creating profession development and trainings to help teachers use the technology efficiently in their classrooms.

I'm excited and can't wait to begin yet another chapter in my professional life.

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