Saturday, June 7, 2014

Official Google Education Trainer

Last week I saw on the application website that I was accepted as a Google Education Trainer. As other applicants were receiving their emails, mine never came. Finally I decided to contact someone to see what happened. They re-sent the email but I had a laugh at what was written. "Can you check your spam?" I just applied to become an authorized trainer of Google and applied with a gmail address. I would hope that someone qualified to train others to use Google would know to check the spam folder. This reminded me about when you call tech support because something isn't working and the first thing they ask is "Did you check that it's plugged in?" I think we are all guilty of assuming people forget the obvious.

As a new trainers, I need to remember this. Just because it seems obvious to me, it might not seem obvious to everyone. Part of being a trainer is to find where my students are beginning and help bring them to a higher level. This means that if I'm working with educators that don't know computers I might start with just logging into Google. If the teachers I am training are already comfortable with using Google Drive, I might show them add-ons and extensions to simplify their work and help their students grow.

Representing Google means that they have faith in my abilities to spread the strategies and technology to help students learn in and out of the classroom. I hope that I always remember this introduction to the program.

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